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100% real food based recipes. (cutting the crap from your diet will make you feel amazing no extra effort required)

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How to Track Macros with A Healthy Passion

Creating a new habit can be overwhelming if it’s not done in the right way so my goal here is to feed you baby steps so you’ll fully implement each step and create the foundation for a long-term healthy lifestyle! 

So first, let’s dive into Macros and why A Healthy Passion provides macronutrient info for each recipe and integrates the recipes with My Fitness Pal to make life a little simpler for those of you counting macros (or those of you who want to get started).  Continue reading “How to Track Macros with A Healthy Passion”

Thanksgiving Game Plan

Pulling off Thanksgiving Day can be a little stressful without a plan so today I am sharing my tips and game plan for a stress-free holiday!

1 – Get Organized. Put together a game plan and stick to it. Write out your menu, make notes on what can be easily prepped in advance and reheated or even partially prepped (I shave my brussels sprouts days in advance and store them uncooked in tupperware). I also like to look at what takes time in the oven vs stovetop so I know how to best utilize  my limited space and then I like to look at cooking times so I know when to start each dish to make sure they all come together at once.

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Buffalo Cauliflower

I love football food. There’s just something so cozy about a rainy fall day, cozy blankets, a good game on the tv, candles lit and a drink in hand. And while I wouldn’t call this buffalo cauliflower a substitution for buffalo wings the flavors are quite delicious. If you’re a buffalo wing lover this might be just the way to get you to enjoy those veggies.

Continue reading “Buffalo Cauliflower”

Cooking Technique: Thinly Sliced Garlic

Tools Required:
Sharp Knife – Global is my favorite brand.

Wood Cutting Board – I buy these bamboo boards at IKEA!

My Thought Process:

The initial reason I started thinly slicing rather than mincing my garlic was simply because it was less work. However, aside from any culinary corners I was cutting, I soon discovered that it added WAY more garlic flavor to nearly every dish!

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Meal Planning with A Healthy Passion

To set up your account, first go to and click “Sign Up”. This will start you off with a trial account that’ll be available for you to use for FREE for the next 14 days – yay! This tool will be life changing. Get excited.

●  Register by entering your zip code. There are some cool features such as grocery delivery with Instacart depending on where you’re located! (Use the code ahealthypassion15 for $15 off your first $35 Instacart order if you’re a new customer).

●  Next, you’ll need to enter your name, phone number, email and password (all of the usual stuff). Congrats! You now have an account 🙂

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Cooking Technique: Vinaigrettes

Tools Required:

Glass Bowl – I love a good set of nesting bowls for meal prep. I also own over 20 of these glass bowls from IKEA which work perfectly for prep and serving!

Whisk – I own quite a lot of whisks and most of them are pretty inexpensive but I do recommend one good stainless steel whisk for making vinaigrettes, whipped cream or sauces!

My Thought Process:

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My Go-To Prep Ahead Meals

Prepping ahead can be a key tool to help you stick to your healthy lifestyle no matter how busy life get. Today I want to share some of my  F A V O R I T E  quick and easy A Healthy Passion meals perfect for those busy weeknights, lunches or those days when you just don’t want to cook! Each of them can either be easily reheated or served cold or at room temp!

Happy Cooking,



Chicken with Marinated Lentils AHP233
We combine lemony, pan-roasted chicken with delicious marinated lentils for a light but flavor-filled weeknight warmer. And if you’re not a fan of fiber-rich, nutrient-dense lentils, then this is the recipe that will make you fall in love!       Continue reading “My Go-To Prep Ahead Meals”

Feeling Too Busy – Cook This!

Life is crazy, especially this time of year so today I want to share some of my    F A V O R I T E  quick and easy A Healthy Passion meals perfect for those busy weeknights! Each of them are less than 30 minutes, few ingredients, easy clean up and easily prepped ahead.

Happy Cooking,



Gnocchi with Mushrooms and Sun Dried Tomatoes AHP239

We toss fluffy toasted gnocchi, sautéed cremini mushrooms, creamy white beans and wilted baby kale in a buttery garlic sauce and finish with chewy sun-dried tomatoes for a 15-minute fridge-to-table weeknight delight!

  • Speed it up: Buy sliced mushrooms!

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What’s In My Pantry

As the recipe developer for A Healthy Passion (or “head kitchen destroyer” as my team calls me these days), I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Sometimes I almost feel like I live in there!

But as a happy by-product of spending so much time in the AHP lab, I always have a formidable array of recipe testing leftovers in Tupperware, meaning most of what I eat from day to day is AHP meals. And let me tell you, that makes my non-kitchen life so much easier!

However, I’m regularly asked what I cook when I’m not eating AHP leftovers and what items I keep in my pantry to do so. And with this in mind, I thought I would dive right in to what’s in my pantry.

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