Bone Broth 101

Bone broth is a super hot trend currently, but the more I learn about the health benefits of consuming bone broth the more I believe it’s a trend that’s worth checking out. Bone broth is easily and simply made by boiling bones (beef, chicken, fish, etc) in filtered water with an acid (like apple cider vinegar) along with optional vegetables, herbs, and spices. Broth can boil for as little as 4 hours or up to 48 (which is what I prefer). You can then use it in soups or just sip it (like I do) for an incredible nutrition and protein boost.

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The TRIM Holiday Guide Has Arrived!!

We’re excited to share with you that the TRIM Holiday Guide is officially here 🙂 

The holidays can be the most challenging time of year to navigate while living a healthy lifestyle. There are a ton of parties to attend, money to spend, stress and we have less time than ever to devote to our health. But Val + I have been able to successfully guide our clients through the holiday season without gaining weight and while still enjoying the process. We’ve been asked over and over again for tips so we figured it was time to give you guys a resource to help you know exactly how to approach the holiday season while living the TRIM lifestyle.

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