Cooking Technique: Thinly Sliced Garlic

Tools Required:
Sharp Knife – Global is my favorite brand.

Wood Cutting Board – I buy these bamboo boards at IKEA!

My Thought Process:

The initial reason I started thinly slicing rather than mincing my garlic was simply because it was less work. However, aside from any culinary corners I was cutting, I soon discovered that it added WAY more garlic flavor to nearly every dish!

In a similar phenomenon to why grated cheese tastes so good, thinly slicing your garlic greatly increases its surface area, thus making it infinitely easier to infuse that beautiful flavor into whatever you’re cooking! Garlic is also notoriously easy to burn but by thinly slicing, you reduce the burn risk to a minimum and avoid the possibility of bitter, burned garlic ruining whatever you’re sautéing.For these simple reasons, I now thinly slice garlic in about 95% of my recipes. Plus, it avoids having to use garlic presses which are just the most annoying things to clean! And as you all hopefully know, one of the main goals of A Healthy Passion is to reduce clutter in your kitchen. Fewer tools and fewer pantry items equals better cooking!I’m sure there’s the odd skeptic out there who swears by their garlic press but I have a simple test that will bring you around to the school of slicing. All you have to do is add some kale and a little thinly-sliced garlic to a skillet and cook, adding a little oil at a time. The result is subtly-infused garlic oil and pretty darn tasty kale! If you were to mince your garlic and do the same, I’m pretty sure it won’t end up so well.

To Thinly Slice Your Garlic, Here’s What to Do:

Take a clove (the whole thing is called a head whereas cloves are the single guys that make up the head) and set it on your chopping board. Place the side of your knife on top of the clove and using the base of your palm or a fist, give the knife a whack. Be careful not to go too crazy or you’ll flatten the clove and end up with smushed garlic, the unholy hybrid of minced and sliced garlic that nobody needs!After the whacking, remove the peel from the clove and hold the garlic at the stem end. Run your knife through and thinly slice until you end up with little garlic chips. And just like that, you have perfect, super-simple, almost-burn-proof garlic that’ll infuse deliciousness into every recipe!

Health Tip:

Garlic is absolutely fantastic for your metabolism, awesome for reducing inflammation in the body and has numerous antibacterial properties to help keep your immune system in tip-top shape! To get maximum health benefits from your garlic, slice and let sit for at least five minutes before cooking. This will allow the enzymes to activate and release all of those feel-good antibodies to add more than just taste to your meal!

Happy Cooking,


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