Cucumber Mint Spritz

The second the weather gets warm and I open the windows to a fresh breeze blowing through the house I immediately think cocktails on the patio. Anyone else? It’s crazy how the weather shifts not only my mood but also what my body craves. Bare feet, lighter meals, lots of walking, and oh yea – cocktails. While I am a total margarita (freshly squeezed with extra jalapeno – of course) or muddled mint mojito (extra lime and light simple syrup), those are more special occasion cocktails in my mind.  So when it’s Monday and I’m in my bare feet with  Brazilian Soul Radio blaring on Pandora and the breeze blowing through my house I want something a little simpler to take out and sip on the patio at promptly 5 pm (I like to think of it as a little mini work-break-happy-hour).

This cucumber mint spritz is just that. It’s simple, no sugar, fresh and light and not too strong! The key, however, is to slap your mint. It gives the mint this new life and aroma that adds the perfect amount of sweetness to the drink – no simple syrup required!

for one cocktail


1 1/2 oz vodka

1/2 mini cucumber or 3 cucumber slices


sparkling water

1 sprig of mint

Directions: Fill a high ball glass with ice, add vodka and cucumber, stir to combine the flavors. Top with sparkling water and grab your mint sprig, give it a whack and add to the glass, stir again and serve!




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