How to Make Your Food Taste Amazing

Tools Required: 

Ramekin or Cute Bowls – I love to store my salt on the countertop in a small ramekin or bowl for easy access. I usually only put out a little at a time and refill weekly to keep it from drying out.

Mason Jars – I keep any extra salt in a glass mason jar. This keeps the salt fresh and retains the moisture.

My Thought Process: 

When I first started cooking, I thought good food was about layering multiple flavors. I’d create recipes that required upwards of 15 ingredients, thinking that food had to be complicated to taste amazing. And while layering flavors can produce spectacular meals, I’ve learned that simple recipes can produce equally delicious results. It’s all about combining high-quality ingredients with simple-yet-effective techniques rather than trying to smother something average with tons of spices or condiments.

And it’s this exact idea that’s at the heart of every A Healthy Passion recipe. Our commitment to making every meal simple, local and fresh sees us keep the number of ingredients in each recipe to a minimum to maximize the flavor from many items that you might take for granted.

To further simplify this process, we then created a pantry system so that the staples for every meal are always to hand for whenever and whatever you want to cook. And nothing is more central to our pantry system than good old salt. But we don’t just use any salt. Trust me, I’ve tried them all and discovered that Celtic Salt will change your life and the way your food tastes forever.

Celtic Salt is a naturally moist salt harvested from the Atlantic seawater off the coast of Brittany, France. The salt is naturally air and sun-dried in clay ponds and gathered with wooden tools to preserve its living enzymes. Comparable to other natural salts, specifically Himalayan, Celtic Salt is naturally lower in sodium and higher in most minerals. I have also found that using coarse ground salt adds salty pops of flavor to my food, simultaneously giving me more flavor and less sodium.

So Here’s the Deal:

First things first – if you want to incorporate Celtic Salt into your cooking, you’ll have to get used to using small amounts as a little goes a long way. It’s absolutely loaded with flavor and will really bring out the best in any ingredient you use (which is why I only ever recommend using a pinch at a time). I prefer the coarse ground variety but if you’re not a fan, there’s also fine Celtic Salt as well. The key with using Celtic Salt is to use your fingers and get to know what the salt feels like in your hand. Over time, you’ll get to know how much salt it takes to season your food but always make sure to taste as you go. You might have the odd overly-salted meal but you’ll learn from the experience and become a seasoning expert in no time!

I also love to finish dishes with a touch of olive oil and pinch of coarse Celtic Salt. This is my secret to making restaurant-quality meals at home and is the simplest thing you can do to make your food taste amazing. I also find this habit allows me to use less oil and salt in my actual cooking while having that delicious “mouth feel” from the oil and pop of flavor and crunch from the salt with each bite.

Health Tip:

Believe it or not, our bodies actually need sodium! Sodium plays an essential part in maintaining blood pressure and normal fluid balance in the body as well as helping to transmit nerve impulses. Sea salts, like Celtic Salt, are loaded with trace minerals and electrolytes that are easily assimilated by our bodies. These minerals and electrolytes are key players in enzyme production as well as immune system, adrenal and thyroid function. On the other hand, table salt (as well as the salt typically found in processed foods) is stripped of all of its minerals, leaving us with straight sodium that our bodies don’t know how to process. And while natural salt is not a major source of minerals compared to many other foods, it has a natural balance and a lack of toxic additives which helps to nourish us rather than depleting us as table salt does.

So what are you waiting for? Ah-salt your cooking with Celtic Salt and save any other salt you currently have to season your pasta water!

Happy Salt Sprinkling,


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