It’s here! And at a steal.

I have had so many requests from you all for simple recipes using the ingredients you have on hand and I’ve honestly had so much fun coming up with those recipes that it’s sort of brought me back to the basics and appreciating how simple it can be to create a delicious meal at home with just a few ingredients.

With everything that’s been going on, I truly believe it’s more important now than ever to put a healthy meal on the table but it can also be sort of overwhelming trying to plan, shop and cook during this new normal.

So that’s why I created a plan so that all you’ll need to do is shop and cook to start feeling a little more confident and in control of your health.

Introducing the 2-week pantry meal plan

What’s Included 

✨14 simple and delicious creative real food simple pantry driven recipes

✨the entire day is planned so you know what to eat for every meal (snacks included) that you can follow to a T or adjust to fit your needs

✨a 2-week shopping list organized by department so you can get in and out of the store quickly and have everything you need for 2 weeks at a time

✨nutrition info for each day so you can make it work with your needs

✨ follows our carb cycling plan

✨serves 1 but can easily be scaled to serve 2 or more

✨we give you a plan to ditch the emotional eating, skip the takeout and cook in every night with  z e r o  stress

✨instant download so you can start cooking right away

✨all for just $17

Get your plan here. 

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