Meal Planning with A Healthy Passion

To set up your account, first go to and click “Sign Up”. This will start you off with a trial account that’ll be available for you to use for FREE for the next 14 days – yay! This tool will be life changing. Get excited.

●  Register by entering your zip code. There are some cool features such as grocery delivery with Instacart depending on where you’re located! (Use the code ahealthypassion15 for $15 off your first $35 Instacart order if you’re a new customer).

●  Next, you’ll need to enter your name, phone number, email and password (all of the usual stuff). Congrats! You now have an account 🙂

●  On the next screen, select your lifestyle preferences or lifestyle choices. These are your dietary preferences such as gluten free, pescetarian, vegetarian, etc. If you don’t have any specific dietary needs you can also choose “I Eat Everything”.

●  Next, select if you have any food allergies such as dairy, tree nuts, gluten, soy, shellfish, etc.

Now that we have your account set up let’s dive in to what you need to be successful.

{Also, if you track macros we’ve got you covered. Here’s a step-by-step guide to enter your macros and net carbs:

Now it’s time to make a meal plan. You’ll want to start by first logging into your account where you’ll see a button that says “Make Me A Meal Plan”. Once you click that button your meal plan will be populated with 7 lunch and 7 dinner ideas for the week. You can replace or delete recipes as needed. If you want more info on the recipe such as cooking time / tools & pantry items required as well as nutrition and to view the recipe just click on the recipe title.

When making your meal plan ask yourself a few questions:

#1 What does my week look like? How many nights will I be cooking?

#2 Can I prep a few recipes to have for lunches and how many will I need?

#3 Are there any ingredients I have that need to be used up?

** I personally typically prep 2-3 lunches (4-6 portions) for the week, dine out once, eat leftovers once and cook a big brunch on Sunday so I leave about 5 dinner recipes and 3 lunches on my meal plan.

Play around with this and find what works for your lifestyle! And always plan for less than you need so you’re not overwhelmed and end up wasting food. You can always increase how many meals you’re cooking per week once you find what works with your life.

If you don’t like a recipe on your meal plan you can easily swap it out for another by clicking “Replace Recipe”. If you want a new meal plan all together you can click “Refresh Meal Plan” and you’ll get another custom meal plan with all new options!

Once you’re happy with your meal plan you’ll want to click the “Create Shopping List” button. You’ll next see a screen that has all of the pantry items needed for all of the recipes on your meal plan. Check your pantry and click on any items a you may need to highlight them and then click “Add Pantry Items” if your pantry is stocked (woohoo) you can continue by clicking “No Thanks”.

The next step is to go through your shopping list and cross off anything you already have on hand. To do this just click the ingredient and a red line will go through it. You can then click the first of the two “Clear” buttons to get rid of crossed off items.

If you want to use Instacart to have your groceries delivered to your doorstep you’ll want to click the “Get Delivery by Instacart” button where you’ll be taken to Instacart’s website and all of the items on your shopping list will come up in their database. Instacart does push some items over others so make sure to look through the shopping list before you add the items to your cart. For example, garlic powder will often come up over fresh garlic. If that’s the case simply delete the powder, search for and add fresh garlic and you’re good to go!

Once your meal plan is set you can add your recipes to My Fitness Pal using their AHP code. To see the code you’ll click on the recipe title and scroll down until you see RECIPE AHPxxx. You’ll then go into MFP and type in the AHP code being sure to leave a space between the AHP and the #.

To access your recipes you’re going to go to your meal plan and click on the recipe title. If you want to see your recipe instructions at once simply scroll down where you’ll find them listed out for you.

You can also click the “Start Cooking” button to have step-by-step instructions! And there you have it! How to Meal Plan —> Shop —> Cook with the AHP software!



PS. If you want to master meal planning we have a totally  f r e e  challenge! Sign up here.





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