Why Low Carb Diets Don’t Work + What to Do Instead

Ask anyone what they should to do to drop a few pounds, and they’ll most likely  say, “I need to cut back on carbs.” As a health and nutrition coach, I’ve heard it about a million times. Carbs have gotten such a bad rep over the years and most recently, going nearly carb-free (the keto diet) has become the go-to weight-loss craze. And while low carb / ketogenic diets may work for quick weight loss, more than likely women who lose weight with a low carb diet are unable to sustain it for any period of time. Eventually, they’ll hit a plateau or gain back the weight they originally lost.

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Cabbage and Noodles

With St. Patrick’s Day less than a week away I figured I would share my go-to tradition of Haluski or cabbage + noodles. Haluski is a traditional Polish dish made of fried cabbage and egg noodles. It bakes up into a dish of buttery comfort food. Why I make it for St Paddy’s Day? No idea haha. Maybe because of the cabbage?? Regardless, it’s a comfort meal in my house and it couldn’t be easier. If I am getting fancy I make it with fresh egg noodles (either homemade or storebought) but you can also use dried fettuccine. And if you’re cooking up the whole pound follow the same instructions just pick up a large cabbage instead of a small one and use a little extra butter. This dish also reheats extremely well so I always make extra! Give it a try and let me know what you think. Come Sunday you’ll most likely find me with a big ole’ bowl of this stuff + a Jameson cocktail (still trying to figure out what that might be).. stay tuned!

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How to Track Macros with A Healthy Passion

Creating a new habit can be overwhelming if it’s not done in the right way so my goal here is to feed you baby steps so you’ll fully implement each step and create the foundation for a long-term healthy lifestyle! 

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