What’s In My Pantry

As the recipe developer for A Healthy Passion (or “head kitchen destroyer” as my team calls me these days), I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Sometimes I almost feel like I live in there!

But as a happy by-product of spending so much time in the AHP lab, I always have a formidable array of recipe testing leftovers in Tupperware, meaning most of what I eat from day to day is AHP meals. And let me tell you, that makes my non-kitchen life so much easier!

However, I’m regularly asked what I cook when I’m not eating AHP leftovers and what items I keep in my pantry to do so. And with this in mind, I thought I would dive right in to what’s in my pantry.

Before I start, I have to make a confession. And my confession is that I used to have a crazy pantry, stocked to the rafters with all kinds of everything. But since launching AHP, I have been able to slim down my spice collection and pantry items to the essentials and it feels really good not to have so much clutter. I also tend to keep a lot less on-hand and restock more frequently which makes it a hell of a lot easier to know what I actually have in my pantry at any given time. And that means no more coming home with doubles of very specific spices or grains when you’re just not sure what’s in there!

It goes without saying that I keep all of the essential AHP pantry items in my pantry at all times and if you haven’t made the switch to Celtic Salt and Kerrygold butter, then do it! I promise they’ll change your life.

But aside from those bad boys, here are the basics that I always have available:


I keep grains such as quinoa on-hand for quick salads or quinoa bowls (roasted veggies plus quinoa plus fried egg equals deliciousness!). Dried pastas are great for busy weeknights when you have nothing in your fridge (just toss with garlic-infused oil) and lentil pastas are a great gluten-free, high-protein and fiber pasta alternative. I also love to use orzo or Israeli couscous and toss with grilled or sautéed veggies for a simple pasta salad. And of course, there’s my favorite Japanese rice that I use for my morning breakfast bowls. Lastly, I always have old-fashioned oats on-hand for overnight oats, pancakes and homemade granola.

My Pantry Grains

Dried Pasta

Lentil Pasta


Japanese Rice




Israeli Couscous

Rice Noodles



Beans and lentils are great for adding a quick bit of protein and fiber to a meal. I love to soak and cook dried beans when I have the time but canned beans are perfect in a pinch. They’re great to add to quinoa salads or to marinate with herbs and olive oil and serve over greens. In fact, one of my absolute go-to meals involves adding a can of red or black beans to a pie pan and topping with a cup of beer, a tablespoon of Kerrygold butter, thinly sliced onion and garlic. I then season to taste and broil until fragrant before serving over rice (with greens). Lentils are also great for soups and salads. Red lentils are my favorite since they cook in less than 20 minutes.

My Pantry Beans and Lentils (Canned and Dried)

Black Beans

White Beans

Kidney Beans


Black-Eyed Peas

Red Lentils

Green Lentils

Dried Fruit

I use dried fruit mostly for kale salads but I occasionally make homemade trail mixes and often grab dried fruit for a quick snack.

My Pantry Dried Fruit






While nuts aren’t strictly stored in my pantry (I keep them in the fridge), I always keep nuts and seeds on-hand to add crunch to salads or to make homemade nut milk or nut butters.

My Pantry Nuts

Sunflower Seeds



Pine Nuts

Miscellaneous Items

No good pantry is complete without those random oddities that you personally love and my pantry is no exception! I love canned sardines mixed with rice and served over greens for a quick and simple salad. I couldn’t live without crackers and hummus so I always have some Nut Thins or Mary’s Crackers ready to go. And I always make sure I have coconut milk for curries and tomato sauce for pastas, soups or pizzas. And I can’t forget rice cakes and nut butter for another essential snack!

My Pantry Miscellaneous

Canned Tuna



Tomato Sauce

Coconut Milk

Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Rice Cakes

And there you have it! These are the basics of what’s always in my pantry. I hope this gives you some quick and easy ideas of what to make when you’re in a pinch!!

Happy Cooking,



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